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How Can America Trust Mitt Romney After He Did THIS To Donald Trump?

Here is Mitt Romney speaking  in Utah giving voice to the GOP Establishment’s last ditch effort to defeat Donald Trump.

It’s clear now where the Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz attack lines against Trump are coming from. Mitt Romney said all the same things they have been saying. The Establishment has them all singing from the same songbook. Among other things, Romney says Trump is not a good businessman. The problem is that Romney praised Trump as a better businessman than himself four years ago! Watch:


So, which is it Mitt?!

Mitt gave voice to the desperate GOP Establishment as they face defeat at the hands of Trump. This will strengthen Trump’s supporters, and it gives Trump a gift. Every attack from Cruz or Rubio he can label, “Mitt Romney’s talking points.” He should also tell voters, “If you want to let Romney control you, vote for one of these guys.”

Trump should hammer Rubio and Cruz as “Romney’s puppets” as much as possible. The more Trump can frame the primaries as a contest between himself and the GOP Establishment – that’s a winning message!

After watching these changes by Romney, is this someone’s voice you can trust going forward? Share your comments with us below and let us know what you are thinking.

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