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Can You Guess What’s Wrong With This Picture?

She’s one of the biggest pop stars in the world … with a brassy voice that is both powerful and seductive.

Yes, it’s Lond0n-born Adele, who is currently selling her new album.  But that’s not the reason that the picture below is blowing up the internet.

Yes, this photo below has been going viral on social media. Why? Because there’s something wrong with it. Can you guess what it is? And yes, you don’t get any points for telling us it’s upside down:


Scroll down when you are ready for the answer….



Yep, her eyes and lips are the wrong way up! When you flip the photo, she no longer looks like a sensuous pop goddess but instead looks like this:


I doubt she’d sell as many records if she looked like that in real life.

Are you a fan of Adele’s music? If so, why?  Share with us your thoughts below: