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Candace Cameron Reveals The Most Important Issue for Conservative Christians this Election

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Candace Cameron Bure, star of the iconic show “Full House” and a current co-hsot on “The View” just gave a powerful interview in which she revealed the most important issue facing conservative Christians this election!

Bure revealed that the Supreme Court is the top issue for her this election. “The View” host explained that she’s “not putting my faith in Donald Trump. I’m not putting my faith in Hillary Clinton, or in any candidate. I put my faith in Jesus Christ.”

Bure refused to say who she plans to vote for but did explain her reasoning for placing the Supreme Court as her number one issue this election: “The biggest thing for me is the Supreme Court justices…because, no matter who wins this election, it’s four years, maybe eight, if they’re reelected, but that’s the maximum. The Supreme Court justice seats will be until those people die – and that could be a very long time.”

Rather than focusing on the back-and-forth of this election, Bure insisted she is focusing on the “big picture” and stressed the importance of remember ing the principles in the Constitution: “If we get too far away from what our Founding Fathers wrote up for us in how this country will be different from all other ones, then we will lose it.”

Even though Cameron-Bure declined to announce who she is voting for, she admitted “I just feel like these are people representing the United States of America and I wish there was more class and grace. Why do these people attack one another? Why don’t they just stand up for what they believe in?”

Check out Cameron-Bure’s comments below:

H/T: Faith Wire

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