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I Can’t Believe What Reagan And Trump Have In Common!


Every Republican primary the candidates attempt to one-up each-others conservatism. This is on full display when each candidate argues who is the most like Ronald Reagan.

I doubt that Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan would have much in common in terms of policy (and even Reagan’s son thinks as much), but there is one thing they have in common, and it’s a good sign for Trump.

Here’s what we keep hearing from the media: Trump is just too unlikeable to be President. Have these people looked at who he’s running against?

The media is notoriously bad at knowing who the American public perceives as “likeable” and “unlikeable.” They live in a liberal bubble after all. How many people do you think at the mainstream networks actually know a single person who would vote Republican?

History tends to repeat itself, and here’s a parallel for Trump that Reagan also dealt with.

The elites also worried about Ronald Reagan’s chances back in March 1980. The Christian Science Monitor reported on March 5, 1980 that:

“The nation’s Republicans are working against the clock to answer two key questions: Can conservative Ronald Reagan possibly attract enough independent and Democratic votes to win in November?

An if he is likely to lose, has former President Gerald Ford time enough to challenge him for the GOP nomination?

The consensus among political experts is that time has probably already run out for Gerald Ford, though he still appears the stronger choice to beat Jimmy Carter in November.

But some experts caution: Don’t count Ronald Reagan out as a national candidate for the fall. He is not, they say, “a McGovern or a Goldwater” — fringe candidates who led their parties to one-sided defeats in 1972 and 1964. Intellectuals don’t want to take him seriously, but he does well with working-class voters. He would take the West, challenge President Carter in the South, and do well in the pivotal Midwest states like Ohio and Illinois, whose southern regions titled toward Carter in 1976, they say.”

Back in March 1980 the establishment said the same thing about Ronald Reagan.
They said he could never defeat Jimmy Carter.

He was too divisive.

Reagan trailed Carter by 15 points in February-March 1980.


And even more good news? It goes without saying that Hillary Clinton is even less likeable than Jimmy Carton ever was.

What are your thoughts on these numbers? Is it a sign to come for Trump? Share your thoughts below!

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