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Cartoon PERFECTLY Explains How Absurd the Anti-Trump Protests Are


You know, I really can’t understand the logic of liberals freaking out following Trump’s victory. The most sickening trend has been articles by liberals pondering “How do we explain Trump’s win to our children?”

Yes – who will think of the children! “Tell them, first, that we will protect them. Tell them that we have democratic processes in the U.S. that make it impossible for one mean person to do too much damage. Tell them that we will protect those democratic processes ― and we will use them,” advises one viral (and hysterical) Huffington Post article.

Of course, the only children “scared” of Trump are those who’ve been brainwashed by their liberal parents. The Tweet below by Kaos satirizes this perfectly.

These people really think the country is going to turn into a hellhole under Donald Trump – but look at the “protests” (“riots” is a more appropriate term) that have broken out, and the only ones actively trying to make this nation one are them. The political cartoon below perfectly explains this ultimate display is liberal “logic.”


Remember when Barack Obama won the Presidency and conservatives took to the streets for weeks, destroying private property and inciting violence against police? Yeah – me neither.

H/T The Federalist Papers