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You’ll Be Disgusted By How This Liberal Cartoonist Drew Ted Cruz’s Daughters


Is there no level too low for the liberal media? Attacking a politician’s daughters is one thing. But portraying young, Hispanic girls as monkeys is whole new league of vile. I can barely write this I am so mad.

Here’s the disgusting “story” she is using to justify it.

I’m calling on the Washington COMPOST to fire Ann Telnaes and apologize for this shameful,racist cartoon!

Share your thoughts: Did Washington Post go too far? 



  1. Richard says:

    This is the comment I left at Washington Post. The artist is highly respected and has actually won a Pulitzer Prize.

    I’m sorry but I think I detect the wafting odor of bovine manure. Double standards are the only standards liberals have. If it’s Cruz’s kids, or Trig Palin, or Romney’s adopted grandchild they are considered fair game. Oh but let someone draw the precious little Obama daughters as monkeys and liberals nationwide would be calling for that person to be executed on the White House lawn. They’d leap upon their high horse and with righteous indignation claim the moral high ground. In this case they cite the First Amendment. Pathetic.

    The artist in question knows her status and professional accomplishments will let her get away with this. That’s why she did it. Because she could. It reminds me of when the liberal publication in New York published addresses of gun owners. They freaked out when gun owners published their addresses. The sword cuts both ways. Free speech trumps being politically incorrect. No problem there. The problem is those citing the First Amendment now are the same people who sympathized with the Muslims after the Charlie Hebdo shootings. The same ones who blocked out the cover of the next issue when it was held up in front of the camera for fear of offending Muslims. The tolerant left at its best.

  2. JenniHusker says:

    How old is the “cartoonist”? You are a sad excuse for a human being. You went after people you had no business even mentioning. I hope you grow up in 2016.


  3. John says:

    Now this here is BS. Cruz might not be my first choice but they should leave the kids out of it. And folks wonder why I dumped the liberal dems party and went Indy when Obama decided to run.

  4. freeman says:

    Shameful? Yes, but, isn’t pulling the race card a leftist tactic and just as shameful?