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Cartoon HILARIOUSLY Mocks What Liberals Whining About Trump Don’t See!


Liberals are talking about Donald Trump as if we just elected a racist whose going to take away women’s rights and round up the gay community.

It’s hilarious to see people freaking out about Trump’s victory when you consider the track record of who he was running against.


Let’s just have a little reminder of Hillary’s scandals…

Image result for list of hillary scandals

And that’s just a short list! World Net Daily has a good primer explaining her 22 largest scandals.

How do Trump’s compare? Honestly, they don’t.

Trump’s scandals all involve things he’s said. Hillary’s involve things she’s done.

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Comments on “Cartoon HILARIOUSLY Mocks What Liberals Whining About Trump Don’t See!”

  1. SamBar says:

    Voting for Trump was an easy choice. I never once considered the female versus male candidates. My concentration was on who could provide the most secure future of the US. In that arena Trump won hands down. To continue: I do not like a liar or a thief nor do I like someone who turns their back on troops in harms way, In this respect Hillary is a murderer and a liar when she told the families of those lost in Benghazi that a video caused the melt down. She knew it was her lack of response in sending help for those still stranded at the embassy. Hillary was also a user. She tried to use the Latino and the Black vote to push her agenda. She nor Bill ever helped a Black person or a Latino in their White House years and she certainly did nothing to insure the safety of everyone in the US during her tenure as Secretary of State. She is a perpetual politician and in that respect she lies and says what she thought the public wanted to hear.
    Trump is a self made man who worked to acquire his fortune and it wasn’t through play for pay. Her plans for a renewal in the US economy had no basis and no definition. Her thought were to continue Obama’s march to equality of all with the robbing of workers and the giving to those who will not work and make a career out of draining the coffers of those who worked to fill them.