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I Love This Cartoon About Belgium Responding To Terror! We All Need This Laugh!

Even in the midst of unspeakable barbarism and thuggery, we all need to laugh!

This is the perfect response to terror! We shouldn’t be afraid of these Islamic THUGS! We should respond!

Show them what we think of them and their vile, hateful, world view!

Some might find this cartoon a bit tacky or offensive. And it might be! I got a good chuckle out of it though and as I’ll explain, it is based on a rather famous Brussels statue!


The cartoon is a reference to the iconic Brussels statute, Manneken Pis. My grandparents had the “little peeing boy” statue in their backyard. As a kid I always good a big laugh out of it. Heck, even as an ADULT I get a big laugh out of it.

Now Watch this:

Is this cartoon funny or a bit tacky? Or both? Share your thoughts!