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Fishermen End Is Near Sign Joke

Some people just hate religion. Nothing will change their minds, even a fair warning. Read on: The End Is Near! Farmers Fred and Luke were fishing on the side of […]

Florida Man Alligator Attack

We have a new contestant for Idiot of the Year! A Florida man who appears to have watched too many episodes of Gator Boys and Crocodile Hunter mistakenly thought he […]


In what seems to be the real-world equivalent of The Notebook, a couple married 69 years died minutes apart, holding hands, on Saturday. Over a decade ago, Teresa Vatkin began […]

Trump cartoon

If it’s saving jobs at Carrier, canceling a wasteful $4 billion contract for Air Force One, or standing up to the communist regime in China, President Donald Trump uses social […]

There’s a reason we don’t know everything about our futures and one man learned he’d rather it be kept that way! Enjoy the joke below! H/T Posts For All Uh-oh! […]


For a business, mixing advertising with¬†politics is often brand suicide. Who could forget Target taking a stance on the transgender bathroom “debate” while North Carolina’s controversial “bathroom bill” was a […]

Lexington. Concord.¬†These two words haunt the British to this very day. That’s where King George tried to take away the guns of the American colonists – and it’s the spark […]

We all know it’s not polite to flip someone off but sometimes when someone does something rude on the road, it’s hard to resist! However, one man explains why you […]

seventy years

What makes for a long and healthy marriage? Who better to ask than a couple that’s been married for 70 years? Far longer than most of you reading this have […]