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Passengers on a small plane are waiting for the flight to leave. They’re getting a little impatient, but the airport staff assures them the pilots will be there soon, and […]

On the game show Deal or No Deal, there’s a 1 in 26 chance that a contestant will walk away with a million dollars. They pick one closed briefcase out […]

food stamp

When you imagine someone engaging in food stamp abuse, what do you picture? Probably someone of lower socio economic status looking to live at someone else’s expense. For instance, the […]

Ivanka Trump

Pranksters who beeped their horn as they went through a McDonald’s drive-thru were expecting a startled staff member – but not her reaction. Two young men recorded themselves approaching the window of the […]

Man Runs Into an Old Friend Who Won’t Stop Bragging I bumped into an old school friend at the store today. He started bragging, talking about his well paid job […]

sanctuary cities

One of the first executive orders President Donald Trump signed after taking office authorized him to block off federal grants to “sanctuary cities,” meaning those that shelter illegal aliens from […]

toughest job

“Unlimited hours. No breaks. The most important job is also the world’s toughest job,” reads the introduction to a viral video, that’s racked up over 26 million views. When Boston […]

social norms

As normal as you are, chances are there’s at least one social convention that just doesn’t make sense to you. A thread on Reddit asked users what were some social […]