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gas stations

You’re just making a quick stop to get some gas. You get out of your car with not a suspicion on your mind. As you’re putting in your credit card […]

quickest draw

Bob Munden was called “The Fastest Man With A Gun Who Ever Lived.” The American quick draw shooter could draw and shoot a gun in less than .02 seconds. His […]


One woman found herself in a position where she was witness to just how bad ass her boyfriend actually is. When a couple were walking through a tunnel, they were not […]

sinking ship

This viral story tells the tale of a couple who found themselves on a sinking ship. They were able to find a lifeboat together… but it was only capable of accommodating […]


Shortly after the election, CNN president Jeff Zucker gave an explanation of how he feared CNN could’ve contributed to Donald Trump’s rise. What did CNN (the Clinton News Network) do that […]


Listen to liberals fear-monger over what the world will be like without ObamaCare and you’ll get the impression these people think we were living in the world of Mad Max […]


Growing older can sneak up on you and some people find themselves looking a lot older than they feel! One woman experienced just that when she went to a new […]

tennis ball

How many times have you taken a walk and noticed a dirty, abandoned tennis ball in the grass? Ordinarily, this would be of no concern to the average person or […]


Stupid is as stupid does. And an idiot woman realized how stupid she really is after she slapped a police horse. The horse immediately kicked her. She fell flat on […]