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Liberalism is bad for business. Over the years, ESPN has taken the bizarre strategy of injecting liberal perspectives on what is supposed to be a sports network. Certainly, they have […]

White privilege

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz always does a good job allowing liberals to make themselves look ridiculous, and at a recent “White Privilege Conference” in Kansas City, Missouri, there was plenty of […]

white house leakers

We’ve all been hearing about the controversy with White House leakers and finally, justice appears to be within our grasp. President Donald Trump has made it clear that the mainstream […]

trump supporters

Back in January, waitress Rosalyn Harris was working her shift when a group of Texan men (identifiable from the cowboy hats they boasted) came into the restaurant where she’s employed. […]


Some left wing protesters started burning a flag when karma hit them immediately. It is never a good idea to light anything on fire in a packed crowd. These fool lit the […]


A FATHER GAVE HIS SON THIS ADVICE FOR HIS HONEYMOON. WHAT FOLLOWED IS PRICELESS. Mike was going to get married to Karen, so his father sat him down for a […]


Everyone is wondering what “TrumpCare” will mean for everyday Americans and it looks like we’re soon to find out. There’s no question that in terms of quality, America’s healthcare system […]


While I’m worried about hitting deer when driving, that’s a heck of a lot less scary than worrying about hitting a lion (especially if they survive). In the video below […]


Mothers are amazing. They’re smart and loving and fair and tough all at the same time. They also have to think about things that no one else ever has to […]