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John Wayne Dean Martin

Dean MartinĀ and John Wayne were two stars who were down to earth and relatable to the average American. Sure, they were megastars, but they were laid back and fun. In […]

Trump Media

Has there been a single time the “experts” were right this election cycle when it came to Donald Trump? From the beginning, the statistics blog Five Thirty Eight (which is […]

SCOTUS bathroom

On Friday, the Supreme Court revealed that it will take on the latest fight in the culture wars, transgenderism. At issue is whether a transgender student has a legal right […]

Hillary FBI

Talk about an October surprise. With the FBI reopening their investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails, voters are getting a wake-up call that they needed. When asked who they’re voting for, […]

Trump yard sign

On Facebook the other day I came across the following post, which I couldn’t help but laugh at. This person must be experiencing levels of cognitive dissonance they didn’t know […]

Iraqi Christians

In recent weeks, Iraqi and Kurdish forces have been going town-by-town throughout Iraq liberating towns controlled by ISIS on their way to Mosul. One such town is Bartella, a city […]

Hillary voter fraud

For years, Democrats have been in denial about the existence of voter fraud, claiming that it wither doesn’t exist or rarely happens at all. Americans know that the lie peddled […]

Fed up with Donald Trump’s aggressiveness, Hillary Clinton famously said that while Trump aims low, she aims high. Really, Hillary? For all the talk over Trump’s temperament, there’s been surprisingly […]

Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe is a major Hollywood star, and host of the popular television show Dirty JobsĀ but unlike his fellow actors, he is not a leftist. In fact, Rowe just took […]