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Undated Feature

Phil Robertson

Phil Robertson is the star of the popular reality TV show “Duck Dynasty” but his career spans far beyond the popular A&E show, as he has a new faith-based documentary […]

Arrogant Obama

The best thing about the Obama Presidency is that he’ll be out of office SOON. One thing I am going to miss is mocking the man. Here are the seven […]

A cloud formation appearing over the Portuguese island of Madeira has some people wondering if the hand of God came down from the sky above. The image was taken by a […]

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel has been sending out a challenge every year for parents to gift their children terrible presents, film it and submit the results on YouTube. The […]


NASA Commander Scott Kelly and fellow astronaut Kjell Lindgren transmitted a message from their temporary home on the International Space Station. The pair explained that despite not being on Earth, […]

Thanksgiving Dessert

Yes, that is your saliva glands watering up at these pictures of beautiful cheating pleasures. If you aren’t sure what you want to have after your turkey day dinner, hopefully […]


President Barack Obama and all his big government programs are going down the drain. The graphic above is a good one but it’s no laughing matter. Democrats have to admit […]


This is video GOLD! Jimmy Kimmel sent out a reporter to pick the brains of young kids before Thanksgiving. The question posed was, “What are you thankful for?” The results […]