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america themed parties

With political correctness insanity running rampant, would you believe that a veteran asking for a military discount is enough to trigger a liberal? Luckily, the overwhelming majority of people are […]

Phil Robertson

Phil Robertson is the star of the popular reality TV show “Duck Dynasty” but his career spans far beyond the popular A&E show, as he has a new faith-based documentary […]

If news organizations and their journalists want to write smut stories without facts or decide to skew the facts for their personal gain they should expect repercussions for their actions. […]

Arrogant Obama

The best thing about the Obama Presidency is that he’ll be out of office SOON. One thing I am going to miss is mocking the man. Here are the seven […]

This is such a tragedy! 13 Bald Eagles, the symbol of our great nation, were recently found dead in Maryland and authorities are offering a $25,000 reward for details on […]

A cloud formation appearing over the¬†Portuguese island of Madeira has some people wondering if the hand of God came down from the sky above. The image was taken by a […]

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel has been sending out a challenge every year for parents to gift their children terrible presents, film it and submit the results on YouTube. The […]