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After a husband wrote a letter to his wife confessing to sleeping with her sister, he never expected to get this response… Husband Admits to Sleeping With Wife’s Sister. Her […]


It’s no secret that actor Shia LaBeouf was traumatized by the election of President Donald Trump. He’s demonstrating his opposition with various art projects. One display, a wall bearing “He […]

President Trump

America woke up on Saturday to the news that Secret Service Agents had apprehended yet another fence jumper at the South Entrance of the White House late the night before. The intruder […]

We’ve discussed previously how, despite his best efforts, Obama has been a big friend to the gun industry. His scapegoating and pushes for gun control after every tragedy causes citizens […]

Philippines Obama

So wait! Barack Obama brings in refugees, most of them if not all unvetted or properly documented in an attempt to do whatever he wants to do without congressional approval, […]

Hillary economy

Hillary is struggling. Her health is failing her. Her scandals are dragging her down. But at least she has the support of a key Democratic constituency that got Obama elected. […]

Hillary illegal

Why do liberals ignore the consequences of illegal immigration? For a party that pretends to champion the working class (unlike those Republicans who only care about the rich), it seems […]

My heart goes out to this family and what they went through with their infant daughter Daisy. I had twin girls, and I know how I would feel if this […]

Germany gleefully opened up the floodgates to the refugee population without any concern for the consequences. And boy have there been consequences. Most of us heard about the mass sex […]