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The third and final Presidential debate is taking place from Las Vegas tonight. Like the two before it, the room is tense and both candidates are throwing barbs at each […]

We’ve discussed previously how, despite his best efforts, Obama has been a big friend to the gun industry. His scapegoating and pushes for gun control after every tragedy causes citizens […]

Disney star and teen pop idol Selena Gomez recently had to cancel a few appearances and a huge world tour. Rumors swirled that she was dealing with a drug overdose, […]

The media’s sympathetic reporting on the refugee crisis has focused on the problems that the refugees are facing. One of them is a low quality of living in refugee camps. […]

If there’s anything to be learned from Bernie Sanders, it’s that him and his followers don’t actually know what socialism is. Defined, socialism is government ownership of the means of […]

Farmer Jokes

Why wouldn’t his pa be OK with the boy getting dinner with a neighbor after a wagon overturned? Via ChristiansUnited. Share a funny farmer joke in the comment section!

Armenian Coup

A few days after an attempted coup in Turkey, one of their neighbors (and another one of our allies) had to fight back a government overthrow. SkyNews: A group of […]

The massacre of police carried out by a Black Lives Matter sympathizer marked the worst day for law enforcement in America since 9/11. While Obama tried to claim that it […]

Here’s just one hilarious example of a well intended lesson gone wrong… H/T: Tickld Enjoy content like this? Help support Headline Politics by sharing this post on Facebook/Twitter!