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After a husband wrote a letter to his wife confessing to sleeping with her sister, he never expected to get this response… Husband Admits to Sleeping With Wife’s Sister. Her […]

womens march

The women’s march attracted millions on Saturday, and while you didn’t have to look far to find women speaking out against “going back to the 1950s,” one of the key […]

Women's March

The “Women’s March” on Washington D.C. (and hundreds of other cities nationwide, and globally), was hardly a march for women. It was an anti-Donald Trump protest before it was anything […]

The Donald Trump presidency is already working out spectacularly for one man. While many of us were at an inauguration party or out celebrating on Friday night, a number of […]

The third and final Presidential debate is taking place from Las Vegas tonight. Like the two before it, the room is tense and both candidates are throwing barbs at each […]

We’ve discussed previously how, despite his best efforts, Obama has been a big friend to the gun industry. His scapegoating and pushes for gun control after every tragedy causes citizens […]

Disney star and teen pop idol Selena Gomez recently had to cancel a few appearances and a huge world tour. Rumors swirled that she was dealing with a drug overdose, […]

The media’s sympathetic reporting on the refugee crisis has focused on the problems that the refugees are facing. One of them is a low quality of living in refugee camps. […]

If there’s anything to be learned from Bernie Sanders, it’s that him and his followers don’t actually know what socialism is. Defined, socialism is government ownership of the means of […]