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Voter ID

The White House has once again dragged out the tired old argument that requiring voter ID is a Trojan horse for voter suppression. And it’s getting push-back from congressional Republicans. […]

Sure, they are both meat eaters with razor-sharp claws and would likely kill you if you got near them … but they sure are cute. Meet one of the oddest […]


I had to watch this twice just to realize the owner didn’t know how to use a gun, but he used what he could and it worked out for him. […]

Gun Manufacturer

One of the largest gun manufacturers in the world, Remington Arms, tweeted an hilarious product announcement that mocked former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over her email issues. During a […]


I didn’t know anything about this channel until last month and it’s one of the best to take your mind off serious issues if just for five minutes. If you […]

National Anthem

Fourteen-year-old Christopher Duffley, from Manchester, New Hampshire, sang his version of the national anthem just prior to Boston Red Sox/Cleveland Indians game earlier this week. And he crushed it. What might […]


A newly released CNN/ORC poll shows Hillary Clinton is hemorrhaging support. The former First Lady’s public support dropped below 50% for the first time — they dropped 9 points while self-described socialist […]

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton sure chose a bad time to start telling jokes! At a recent press conference, the news media learned why it is that Clinton so infrequently subjects herself to […]


Phillip Guin, Pastor of The Rocky Mount United Methodist Church has just done something relatively unheard of —  he opened a shooting range “in the name of Jesus Christ.” Guin explained that Rocky […]