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There is war going on against our police. The left and Obama have normalized disrespect against those who serve us and that is leading to cops being targeted for harassment […]

There hasn’t been a good movie musical in decades, and many consider the genre dead. But don’t tell that to the cast and crew of La La Land. A modern […]

U2 lead singer and global activist Bono made this stunning announcement about what REALLY brings people out of poverty …and it is going to make leftists FURIOUS! … in a […]

Disney star and teen pop idol Selena Gomez recently had to cancel a few appearances and a huge world tour. Rumors swirled that she was dealing with a drug overdose, […]

Colin Kaepernick

After Colin Kaepernick‘s disrespect of our country and this flag, his fellow NFLers have responded. You would think they would rally around their fellow athlete, but you would be wrong. […]

Ryan Lochte

There have been worries that the Rio Olympics were going to be unsafe. From sewage in the water, to Rio’s horrible crime problem. But so far, the event has been […]

2016 Polls

Despite a lot of polls showing Trump trailing Hillary, there are other indicators that show how people are feeling about the race. One that is relatively new is the presence […]

2016 polls

Another day, another new poll that is giving us a completely different result. Previous polls have shown Hillary and Trump trading leads. The difference now is that the Republican Convention […]

Kabul Blast

ISIS is at again! They’ve launched a fresh attack that has left SCORES dead! Via BBC: So-called Islamic State has said it was behind an attack on a protest march […]