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Nancy Pelosi

Remember all the “fake news” hysteria during, and following the recent presidential election? An epidemic of “fake news” was apparently the only way that the liberal media could explain away […]

The Senate voted 49-43 Tuesday night to uphold a ruling that Elizabeth Warren violated Senate rules prohibiting impugning another senator when she delivered a lengthy speech against the nomination of Sen. […]


Dave Rubin’s media career began as a progressive commentator on the far-Left network “The Young Turks.” TYT is the largest liberal channel on YouTube, boasting over three million followers. Despite […]

travel ban

Donald Trump’s travel ban faced criticism from liberals both in media and in government. (Formally) acting Attorney General Sally Yates had instructed the Department of Justice not to enforce Trump’s […]

obama banned

Donald Trump signed an executive order restricting immigration from a number of Muslim-majority nations, among other provisions, and liberals are freaking out. Contrary to the hysterical liberal media, President Donald […]

muslim ban

Donald Trump implemented a toned-down version of his Muslim ban – and liberals are freaking out. “The man is just like Hitler after all” they inform us, as if they […]

global warming

The White House’s website has been getting scrubbed of liberalism, and the left is freaking out. Among the topics scrubbed were civil rights (the black lives matter kind of “civil […]

womens march

The women’s march attracted millions on Saturday, and while you didn’t have to look far to find women speaking out against “going back to the 1950s,” one of the key […]

  “But that wasn’t TRUE communism/socialism.” How often have you heard that statement when pointing out the failure of a socialist or communist state like the USSR? To find a […]