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Following James Comey’s testimony yesterday, it was Marco Rubio who asked the million dollar question that nobody has yet inquired on, “Do you ever wonder why, of all the things in […]

Unfortunately for the members of ANTIFA (which stands for “anti-fascist,” but I believe “fascists against fascism” would be a better label for them), their enemies fight back. Their latest target […]

white house leakers

We’ve all been hearing about the controversy with White House leakers and finally, justice appears to be within our grasp. President Donald Trump has made it clear that the mainstream […]

Ben Shapiro

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro has a classic line he often employs in debates when his liberal opponents make an emotional argument: “facts don’t care about your feelings.” In a recent […]

Barack Obama and Donald Trump

What is the American Dream? Barack Obama sure had an interesting answer when he wrote a college paper back in 1991. But before we get to that the phrase “American […]


During Barack Obama’s presidency, trillion dollar deficits became the norm. It wasn’t until his fifth year in office that he ran a deficit under $1 trillion (but still one totaling $680 […]

Despite the man’s success in the financial world – his recent investments in politics hadn’t turned out anywhere near as lucrative. He wasted tens of millions funding Hillary Clinton’s losing […]

Despite promising that there would be an ObamaCare repeal on President Donald Trump’s desk day one, it wasn’t until last Thursday that the House actually passed one. The “American Health […]

classified information

Donald Trump’s tax plan was released yesterday, and as Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin described, it will amount to the biggest tax cut in American history. The proposed tax plan compared […]