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  “But that wasn’t TRUE communism/socialism.” How often have you heard that statement when pointing out the failure of a socialist or communist state like the USSR? To find a […]


Last year, the Australian version of 60 Minutes sent a news crew to Sweden to meet with refugees and migrants. They wanted to get an accurate picture of the realities […]


Republicans in the House and Senate have tried over sixty times to repeal all of or part of ObamaCare, and they’ve been unsuccessful every time, being blocked by Obama (or […]

Trump Obama

It’s just weeks until Barack Obama leaves the office, and his legacy is one that will be debated by pundits and historians for decades to come. Personally, I don’t think […]

democratic party

The Democrat Party is getting more and more insane, and it’s costing them members. Rather than do any self-reflection following their devastating loss to Donald Trump (and in every other […]

mitt romney

Who remembers this classic Donald Trump line from his campaign during his feud with Mitt Romney: “I don’t know what happened to him,” Trump said during a rally in Portland, […]

Hillary campaign

For as much as Hillary Clinton talked (without evidence) about Russia trying to influence the election, she took one hell of a lot of foreign money in her past. Her […]

Are you tired of winning yet? Just days after the Carrier deal where Donald Trump saved 1,000 jobs from going to Mexico, he’s made another deal. The President-elect announced yesterday […]

Obama taxes

Here’s something you’ve heard from every liberal ever: it’s time for the rich to pay their “fair share” already! Obama has called on the rich to pay their “fair share” […]