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Tax plan

Donald Trump’s tax plan was released yesterday, and as Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin described, it will amount to the biggest tax cut in American history. The proposed tax plan compared […]

trump barack

Former President Barack Obama set plenty of economic records while he was in office, but they aren’t the kind of records he wants to be recognized for. The national debt […]

lois lerner

In 2013, it was revealed that the IRS had been targeting conservative groups, auditing them and denying them non-profit status. For the three years the IRS was under the leadership […]

During Barack Obama’s administration, Democrat governors became a rarity. In addition to the 1,042 state legislative seats Democrats lost on net, they went from having 28 to only 16 governorships. So […]

sanctuary city

On Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show last night, he had on Mayor Virgil Bernero of Lansing, Michigan. The topic was immigration, specifically, illegal immigration and sanctuary cities. Lansing is one […]

We still haven’t had an ObamaCare repeal bill, let alone a replacement. As ObamaCare continues to implode, some liberals are pushing for their own solution: single payer healthcare, a.k.a. socialized […]

Robert Bentley

We all remember the infamous Access Hollywood that rocked the Trump campaign with just weeks until the election. The tape I’m referencing is the one containing the cringe-worthy “grab em […]

illegal immigration

Even before Donald Trump officially took office, his influence made illegal immigration begin to fall. In October 2016, there were 20,531 people presenting themselves at ports of entry at the […]

equal pay

Yesterday was Equal Pay Day, and though an overwhelming amount of evidence shows differences in pay between men and women are not due to discrimination, every liberal politician had a comment to […]