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Alligators are dangerous animals. It’s common sense to steer clear of them. But, cats aren’t your normal animals. In the video below, a cat takes on not one but two […]


Cats have long received criticism as pets due to their “I’ll do as I please” nature. But the man in the anecdote below finds out how much use they can […]

drunk man

Not many of us want to deal with drunk people while we’re completely sober. But one man’s wife encouraged him to help a drunk stranger and the result is a […]

Trump nasty woman

After the final presidential debate, the liberal media viciously attacked Donald Trump for correctly calling Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman.” Of course Mrs. Clinton and her friends in the press […]

As part of the effort to liberate Iraq from ISIS, Iraqi forces are moving through the country liberating villages previously held by the radical jihadists. Many of these towns were […]

Hillary cartoon

Earlier this week, we learned that the Hillary Clinton campaign wanted to dress someone up in a Donald Duck costume and follow Donald Trump around at campaign events to cause […]

Hillary gun ban

When liberals talk about gun control, you’ll notice that it’s always the “scary” guns they talk about banning. The weapons are always described as “semi-automatic,” and more often than not, […]

trump rigged election

These crooked polls have always been crooked. This is not the first time I’ve noticed them and you will probably agree with me. These polls for this 2016 election are […]

media abortion

Every day I wake up and think it’s going to be a better day than the day before, then I view a story that has the making of some of […]