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Disney star and teen pop idol Selena Gomez recently had to cancel a few appearances and a huge world tour. Rumors swirled that she was dealing with a drug overdose, […]

The Hatch Act was a law passed to ensure that government bureaucrats don’t negatively affect elections. It prevents those working for the federal government from working for or expressly adovcating […]

Not only do all the Democrat politicians lecturing us on gun control have armed security, many of them are gun owners themselves. Democrats behaved like children, staging a sit-in are […]

Dem Convention

Many years ago, I used to be able to argue over the minimum wage with my friends by stretching its logic to an extreme. Back when liberals argued for a […]

Orlando Shooting

There are a lot of questions regarding the Orlando Shooting. What did the FBI know about Mateen? Why was he allowed to continuously make threats? The more we learn about […]

Sharia Law

Obama’s best friends in Iran are backwards. Their adherence to Sharia law is so idiotic that they’re arresting women for dressing¬†immodestly on Instagram. Not content to just throw these women […]

Orlando Terrorist Attack

Mike Rowe is a great American. He’s been working tirelessly to improve this country and celebrate hard work. Like all of us he was deeply affected by the events in […]


In today’s secular world, it is hard to find businesses that practice good Christian values. Many are so concerned with profit and greed that they don’t take the time to […]


The TSA is incompetent. But for most of their existence their flaws have been limited to groping passengers and generally just being bad at the whole “civil liberties” thing. Though […]