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Nature is crazy. We have tried how whole time on this earth to control it. But Each time we do, it comes back to bite us. ¬†Animals in particular are […]

Putin Trump

Many of us believe Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is a lot fairer and trustworthy than Barack Obama. That’s the feeling American voters have because Obama has been too friendly to […]

hillary polling

America knows that this election is rigged BIG TIME! The only way to stop it is to flood the polls with so many Republican votes that we cannot be denied.¬†The […]

You know why Americans love Donald Trump because he’s everybody’s somebody. To some he’s a dad, to others, he’s that uncle, and to others, he’s that friend you want sitting […]

trump hollywood star

A California liberal thought he was doing his party a favor by taking a sledgehammer to Donald Trump’s Hollywood star and everyone would be okay with his actions. I guess […]

Franklin Graham

Rev. Franklin Graham is no stranger to speaking his mind and giving Christians across America a word from God. He wants those who call themselves Christians to be more aware […]

Halloween Video

Halloween is right around the corner, and it seems as though the holiday has become an excuse to push the boundaries with inappropriate costumes. Well. this classic commercial from Woolworth’s […]

hillary gun ban

It seems the old saying that you can never hide the truth comes to play on “CBS This Morning” where the hosts played a leaked audio of Hillary Clinton at […]

newt gingrich trump

GOP nominee Donald Trump finally responded to surrogate Newt Gingrich’s Tuesday night takedown of Fox News host Megyn Kelly. It was really one for the books if you ask me. […]