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What Caused U2 Singer Bono To Call Americans Heroic and Extraordinary?


During a segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, U2 lead singer Bono praised the American taxpayer, saying that nobody really gives them credit for saving up to 15 million lives.

Bono, along with other celebrities such as Scarlett Johannson, Matt Damon, and Snoop Dogg appeared during a special episode of Kimmel’s show to raise money for the RED effort to rid the world of HIV/AIDS.

Most of the celebrities made comedic pitches to entice viewers to make donations.

Bono’s statements stood out however, as Americans are rarely given credit for their charitable efforts despite being the most generous country on the planet.

He said that America’s efforts have helped save the majority of 15 million lives which is  “a heroic, extraordinary thing.”

“I salute them,” he concluded.

Via Daily Mail:

U2 frontman Bono made an appearance via video link from Carnegie Hall, where he was about to go on stage.

The Irish singer name dropped about the gig, which was also to raise money to end HIV and AIDS.

The 55-year-old singer saluted the ‘American taxpayer’ for helping to save ‘15 million lives’ with their contributions.

‘You should be very proud of what you’ve done,’ he said.

Check out Bono’s message to Americans below …

Bono:  One of the reasons – and to be talking with you tonight and for having this here in Carnegie Hall – is really this is the greatest, good news story that nobody knows. Particularly for the United States of America. Nobody knows that of the 15 million lives that have been saved over the last ten years, the majority of those lives have been saved by American taxpayers. You walk out on the street here in New York, nobody knows. Los Angeles, nobody knows. People should know. This is a heroic, extraordinary thing that America has done. And Americans should know. I salute them.

Comment: Does America get enough credit for their generosity throughout the rest of the world? Share your thoughts below.