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CBS Reporter On Obama Proposals: Is This For Real?

Not even old school media members can believe what President Obama will be putting forth in his State of the Union address this evening.

CBS’s Bob Schieffer reviewed agenda items being released by the White House which will be included in the speech, and came away with this question for an Obama adviser- “Is this for real?”

Of particular wonderment to Schieffer, is the proposal to hike taxes on those earning over $500,000, a plan that would require approval from a Republican controlled Congress.

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Via the Daily Caller:

“Let’s just start with what the president said overnight. The president is going to announce a plan in the State of the Union to raise $320 billion in new taxes on the wealthy, that’s over 10 years. Capital gains taxes are going up with this new revenue. He’s going to do such things as provide free community college and so forth for people. New tax breaks for working families. Increased child care credit.”

“I would just ask you this Mr. Pfeiffer: do you in any way shape or form believe that a new Republican Congress is going to do what a Congress that had Democrats and Republicans in control would not do?

“Is this for real?” Schieffer asked, incredulously. “Do you really think there’s a chance that something like this could pass?”

Schieffer would also go on to rip the President’s no-show at the Paris anti-terror march, saying “the White House is always a little late in recognizing the significance of such things.”