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Wow! Celtic Woman’s “O, America” Is Something Every Patriotic American Should Hear


Irish music phenomenon Celtic Woman is currently touring the US.¬†Listen to them sing the beautiful song “O, America,” a tribute to pursuing the American dream, in the video below.

If you have never heard their songs, it’s time to check them out!¬†They sing a blend of different genres, including Celtic, Folk, and Contemporary music. These talented ladies put on quite a performance.

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Comments on “Wow! Celtic Woman’s “O, America” Is Something Every Patriotic American Should Hear”

  1. Jesse says:

    I found this group by accident back when they were first formed and they are Amazing. The best album is New Journey from Slane Castle. The original group is in my Opinion the Best because you can see they sing from their hearts and the young lady playing the fiddle is one who truly loved what is is doing and it shows in her AMAZING playing. If you ever get a chance to hear then in person DO IT. These Ladies all are amazing the songs they sing are wonderful and if you get to see and hear the original group of 4 singers and the Fiddle player you are blessed. They did two great concerts and when they added another to the mix they got even better all the ladies are Amazing by themselves but as a group they are the best. Each one brings a special touch to their group songs while being AMAZING as single singers. While I cannot spell the names of the ladies I have all but the very latest of their DVDs and am always looking to get them all. While the first set up and even the second set of singers are my Favorite thy all do an amazing job and David the man who put them together picks ladies who fit flawlessly into those who are in the groups. His talent on the piano is also Amazing but his talent for selecting women who sing beautifully together is his greatest talent and he does it like no one else can. I have seen their tickets go for over $1,000 each and were I able I would be happy to send it just to see these singers live. PBS where I first saw them singe tries to put them on Each year during their fund raising time and that gets them much money and I for one would love to be able to pay their price to see them in Concert Live. So again I say if you can see them GO it is well worth the price if you love GREAT Singing and all types of Music.