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AMAZING! This Chart Will Shut Down EVERY Liberal on Gun Control!

With Donald Trump in office, at least we won’t have to worry about our president pushing gun control for another four years. The only place you’re going to hear an argument over gun control is from some liberal pundit on TV – or your social media feeds.

We’re all aware of the situation in Chicago. When they banned handguns – the percentage of murders (and total number of murders) committed with handguns INCREASED!

That’s just Chicago of course – what about our gun violence on a¬†national scale? We’re constantly told that we face a gun violence epidemic that no other country faces – and it’s all thanks to our Founding Fathers for the mistake of giving us the Second Amendment.

And that narrative is completely bogus. Here’s one chart to shut all your anti-gun friends up:

H/T The Federalist Papers

We’re not even in the top ten – or even close, despite being a country with more guns than citizens!

Hows that for a gun problem? Make sure to share this with all your liberal friends and set them straight on gun control once and for all!