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Check Out These 10 Scary New Animal Species!

21. 12 top 10 spp. peacock spider

We love animals here! Always a nice palate cleanser!

I love the discovery of new animal species!

Some of these are scary. Others are just plain weird!

What you see above is a new species of spider called the Sparklemuffin & Skeletorus peakcock spider.

While that sounds like the name of a magical Pony & Supervillian duo, it is actually an arachnid from Australia.

This isn’t from your nightmares, but I suspect the Snaggletoothed Anglerfish will be there soon.

This beat lurks in the deep ocean and uses the ghastly “lamppost” atop its head to lure prey into its mouth!

Look at the rest here, including a funny-faced monkey and a big-eyed, translucent frog!

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