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Hilarious! Check Out What Trump Said About Obama’s Last SOTU Speech!


I have zero respect for this president and I mean zero! I wish just once he would come out and said I was WRONG, I honestly thought the decisions I was making was in the best interest of our country, and I now realize I was WRONG on many things, and I want to try in my last year to fix some things and make it RIGHT!

This was the same speech he has been giving for the past seven years. There hasn’t been any change since he was elected. The same people are working, the same people are unemployed, and the same people are asking for money to save other people and other countries.

America needs a shake up. Either we all go down fighting, or we just stop all the damn complaining. The same people will have their jobs in 30 years while the rest of us float around still trying to earn a dollar:

Here are the results of Obama’s during his eight years in office:

  • Record number of long-term unemployed, 94 million
  • Record number on food stamps, 54 million,
  • Lowest home ownership since 1994
  • Record high debt $18.4 trillion up more than 45% since he took office
  • Record high average rents, $788 per month
  • Record number of 18-34-year-old living with mom and dad, up 60%
  • Median income of 18-34-year-old, fallen 22% since 1985
  • Record high student debt, $1 trillion
  • Record high black unemployment 12%
  • Record high poverty level 16.5%
  • Record high health insurance rates, ave. For a family $1263 per month
  • 50% more New Yorkers sleeping in shelters than in 2010

And that’s just a few things. Check out what Donald Trump had to say about Obama’s speech tonight as he watched and tweeted about it:

Let’s just be entirely thankful this was his last SOTU and we were able to bear witness to one of the most incompetent presidencies in modern history.

It’s time to elect someone new and that man could possibly be Trump or Senator Ted Cruz. We shall see.

Did you watch the President’s last State Of The Union Speech and if you did, what were your thoughts? Let us know below in the comment section.

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