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Cheers Star Mocks Liberal Elites Like Hillary: Not the People You Turn to after a Disaster


John Ratzenberger, better known as Cliff Clavin in the long-running sitcom Cheers, along with numerous speaking roles in Pixar animated films, mocked Ivy league liberal elites as ‘not the people’ you turn to after a disaster.

Ratzenberger appeared with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto to discuss his recent donation of $1 million to bring back ‘shop classes’ to Georgia schools. His intent is to help young people learn to be self-reliant, self-sufficient and to teach them how to work with their hands and learn a trade.

The Cavuto interview turned toward the topic of Scott Walker, and how liberals such as Howard Dean have been trying to mock the Wisconsin governor and others for their lack of a college degree.

Cavuto explained that Walker “doesn’t have that prestigious degree” and “could be up against an Ivy Leaguer like Hillary Clinton.”

Ratzenberger responded flawlessly…

Via NewsBusters:

Ratzenberger zinged, “You know Ivy Leaguers and I know Ivy Leaguers. And I tell you, those are not the people whose houses you rush to after an earthquake.”

The actor mocked, “It’s not like, ‘he’s got an MBA from Harvard. He’ll know what to do!'”

Speaking of people like Governor Walker, Ratzenberger, who has also provided voice talent for the Toy Story films, added, “You want people to be capable, regardless of where they went to college.”

Watch the segment below…

Ratzenberger continued the interview by promoting his foundation which focuses on developing and teaching skills to children in the manufacturing and construction industry.

So what did you think of Ratzenberger’s comments? Is trade learning or shop skills just as important an education as degrees focusing on book learning and theory? Does an Ivy League education mean as much as it used to, and does it mean much of anything when it comes to disaster management?

Tell us your thoughts below…