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It Took Chicago 20 Years To Make This Happen…Where’s Oprah Now?!

Chicago crime

Well Chicago has another thing to be embarrassed about. No, it’s not that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton claim to have origins there. The amount of violence in the city has spiked so high, it rivals the numbers of 20 years ago. You won’t see anything about this from the media, no huge stories and no documentaries because it will kill the liberal agenda narrative that big government works.

The citizens of Chicago must be absolutely proud of Rahm Emanuel and the job he has done as mayor. Of course, the citizens of Chicago must be nuts because they keep putting up with this kind of crap governance year after year after year.

Chicago crime

From Newsmax:

August is Chicago’s most violent month in 20 years, already, with more than 400 people shot and 78 homicides as of Monday, and with two more days to go.

Chicago has not experienced that many deaths in one month since 79 people were killed in homicides back in October 1997, said the Chicago Tribune in reporting on data from the city’s police department.

That year, Chicago recorded 761 homicides. So far this year, the city has recorded 487 homicides with 2,800 people being shot. With four months left in 2016, Chicago is on verge of topping last year’s homicide total of 491 and 2,988 being shot.

Chicago’s homicide numbers become more shocking when compared to New York City, with a population three times its size. So far, New York City has had 222 homicides and 760 shooting victims, according to the city’s crime statistics through Aug. 21, said the Tribune.

In Los Angeles, with a population of about four million (compared to Chicago’s 2.7 million), there have been 176 homicides and 729 people shot, according to that city’s data through Aug. 20.

Chicago police blame an increasing gang problem – some of it starting on social media – along with a flow of illegal firearms through dangerous neighborhoods as contributing to the city’s continued violence, said the Tribune.

Vote Democrat and that is what you get—no law, no order, unless it affects their neighborhoods. I believe Donald Trump can help enforce the laws that stop drugs from entering the communities, bring the jobs and better the black community as a whole! Why get a job when you can make thousands a week selling drugs? Remove the drugs entirely and the problem goes away. It can be done, but the lobbyists for treatment, prisons and lawyers will not let it happen without a shake up!

I’ve been sort of holding this back but my solution to reduce the number of deaths and shootings in Chicago this weekend by more than half is simple.

Gather a large force of African American police officers and Illinois National Guard, form a force and invade the areas in Chicago were the gangs and violence occur.

This should be done on a Friday around 9 pm. It should entail a quick and aggressive stop and search. All offenders should be arrested and taken off the street. Do this sporadically throughout the rest of the summer and into the fall and it will substantially reduce crime in Chicago.

What do you think about my plan? Will it work? Share your opinions below in the comment section and let me know what you think. Please LIKE and SHARE this story on Facebook or Twitter.