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HOPE! Chicago Hate Crime Victim Gets AWESOME News

Liberals claim there’s been a wave of hate crimes committed in Donald Trump’s name following his presidential victory.

However, it’s a bizarre claim since it’s only the anti-Trump protesters we ever see blocking highways, smashing storefront windows, and setting cop cars ablaze. Apparently we’re supposed to believe Trump supporters were under the delusion they’d been transported into the movie “The Purge” following his victory.

What’s also bizarre is that the only place we seem to be able to find examples of such alleged pro-Trump hate crimes is through alleged victims who reported their experiences on Twitter — not to the police. You’d think those who suffered a hate crime would at least want to tell the police about it, no?

There’s countless hours of footage of Trump supporters being assaulted, but there don’t seem to be any videos of the opposite happening. Many of those who’ve reported the hate crimes they supposedly suffered in The Donald’s name have found themselves exposed as the perpetrator of the fictitious crimes.

We’ve all heard the latest story of an actual hate crime committed in Donald Trump’s name – but this one was against a teenager by a group of anti-Trump thugs. The four perpetrators of the attack live-streamed part of it on Facebook, and chants of “F*** Donald Trump!” and “F*** white people!” can be heard in the video. Or as the liberal media reported it: it’s still unclear what motivated this crime.

The mugshots of the perpetrators speak for themselves:

They’ve all been charged with hate crimes, and we’ll see how the coming court case ends up punishing them. Meanwhile, the victim has finally gotten some good news.

An online effort to raise money for a mentally disabled man whose beating was broadcast live on Facebook in Chicago has brought in nearly $100,000.

The GoFundMe campaign called “Let’s show the Chicago Victim Love” had a goal of $10,000. As of Saturday the account has reached over $94,000.

A GoFundMe spokesman confirmed the victim’s family is working with the company on the campaign.

H/T Fox 8 Cleveland

As of this writing, the total is now over $135,000.


That’s more money than his attackers will see for the rest of their lives. Good riddance to them.