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Chicago Law Professor: Obama Was Unqualified, LAZY, and…


Blogger Doug Ross at Director Blue spent some time with the facility members who worked with Barack Obama in Chicago. We always suspected he was a bad Professor, as he taught the Constitution which he now blatantly ignores on a daily basis as President. But now we know, he’s just a bad guy…

I spent some time with the highest tenured faculty member at Chicago Law a few months back, and he did not have many nice things to say about “Barry.” Obama applied for a position as an adjunct and wasn’t even considered. A few weeks later the law school got a phone call from the Board of Trustees telling them to find him an office, put him on the payroll, and give him a class to teach. The Board told him he didn’t have to be a member of the faculty, but they needed to give him a temporary position. He was never a professor and was hardly an adjunct.

The other professors hated him because he was lazy, unqualified, never attended any of the faculty meetings, and it was clear that the position was nothing more than a political stepping stool. According to my professor friend, he had the lowest intellectual capacity in the building. He also doubted whether he was legitimately an editor on the Harvard Law Review, because if he was, he would be the first and only editor of an Ivy League law review to never be published while in school (publication is or was a requirement).

via Doug Ross

Should Obama’s students ask for their tuition back? Please leave a comment and tell us what you think.



  1. Denise says:

    You People Are Pathetic. If You Can’t handle The Fact That This President Has Achieved More Than Most Of You Ever Will- Keep Your Mouths/ Keyboards Shut! I Love How These False Stories Always Use ‘My Friend Said’ KEEP THINK’N EM UP!

    1. Jeff says:

      Not as pathetic as someone who insists on capitalizing every word. To think that someone as intellectually lazy as you would go through the effort of doing this.

  2. Barry says:

    so where was this story years ago.

    Right, shut up by the half white, irresponsible, unpatriotic, arrogant, egocentric, community organizer, chicago political thug.

  3. Darryl says:

    if this was a real news story you’d have attribution rather than some anonymous and unverifiable statements that exist only in the mind of the writer, (if you can call him one). Of course a political hack will say anything to discredit the President and no matter how much you don’t like him suck it up and deal with it rather continuing your incessant whining.

  4. Jeremy says:

    LOL, unfortunately I don’t think any college student successfully completes their degree without having that sacred right of passage known as a truly awful professor.

  5. Michael says:

    I can say this about this article, it brings out a Reflection of the Obama Administration. It’s amazing thinking how much the Liberal Progressive Democratic Communist love this guy, I am truly amazed. I thought at one time that, was I alone seeing this about this President, now I know that I am not alone. The problem I have is, why couldn’t any of those who voted for Obama, not just once, but twice, didn’t see through the Obama’s gig. I could say much more about Obama, but what does it matter now? We have no representation in Congress, it’s as though they are all deaf, or just as Lazy as Obama is. There have been plenty of things that Obama has done that are impeachment Offensives, yet they allow Obama to go on as if he’s done nothing wrong. The cover ups, the Stonewalling, etc.. and I can just imagine what it was like to sit in front of a Bozo lecturing me on what he thought about a subject he knows Nothing About. Yes, they should get their money back, the Bozos who put in the Bozo to teach is at fault in their attempts to create, more Bozos.

  6. Rachel says:

    If the American people knew who he really is they would probably have a heart attack. Mr. Barry never went to law school to become a lawyer. That is why no records can be found about him being at Harvard. He is a fraud! Osama Bin Laden is Barack Obama. Does anyone know what is really going on in the world? Does anyone pay attention to anything anymore? I know I may be alone in what I have found out but Barack Obama is not who people think he is. He is dumb to the American laws and historical facts because he never studied them. He knows exactly what he is doing though, in this country! He is dong exactly what he made his name to be. His name is really Osama Bin Laden! Why do you think they supposedly buried the guy at sea? He made his name to be Hussein, which means “Destroyer”! From the land in which sent him here he is living up to his name that they made for him. Many, many people who wish to bring about the One World Order is behind this, whether you believe me or not. You can’t say he isn’t living up to his name. Call me crazy if you want! I can rest knowing that I have told the truth about what I believe the Lord has revealed to me, and I am nothing but a simple country girl currently living in a world full of delusional people.

  7. Pete says:

    Where was this guy seven years ago. I would think, given his opinion of our illustrious leader, he might have offered these words during the 2008 campaign or at least during the 2012 run.

  8. Casey says:

    I have long held that Obama’s 2008 election was due to a misguided sense of national atonement for real and imagined past sins, and a total abdication of responsibility on the part of our national press.
    My belief is reinforced by this post.
    If it is now this easy to get this information from Obama’s Chicago Law contemporaries, why was it simply impossible to do so in 2008?
    Casey Jones
    Sierra Vista, AZ

  9. pam says:

    What do I think….?????? I think this is one of the most Racist, juvenile, Hate filled articles and sites I have seen thus far………..You are trying to pretend that this man, who graduated Cum Laude from Harvard, was lazy, etc..????????? Here ‘s a guy 100 times smarter than any of you TeaTards, who says he will be one of the most successful Presidents in history….Read it and weep……http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/in-defense-of-obama-20141008?page=5

  10. Conrad says:

    Damn right and the American people should demand our country back , before it’s too late to get this idiot and his whole treasonous family out of the WHITE HOUSE

  11. Jack says:

    It has been obvious from day one that Obama was not qualified in anything. So who was the person who forced the school to accept Obama into the school. That person should be fired for hiring an unqualified person for the job. We call it in the human resources profession “negligent hire.” He was also not qualified to be an Illinois senator. Again a “negligent hire” by the voters of Illinois and the democrat party for even nominating him.

  12. Jim says:

    Why would anyone find this astonishing? After all he comes from a state that has elected Dick(head) Durbin (the turban) as one of their senators and their governors do two terms in office and the next in prison. He is just as corrupt as they, the Illinois voters, let their democrat politicians be.
    Chicago is a corroded example of how bad it can get in Illinois. The educational system is run by the unions and, consequently, no one gets an education. There is a waiting list of over 11K kids waiting to get into charter schools. Additionally, charter schools are beginning to understand what the teacher’s union has done to the students that are applying. They have found that they have to either turn down or expel a lot of kids due to inability to measure up to commonly accepted educational standards in the upper grades. How can one teach a sophomore or junior in high school when that student is unable to read, a skill that should have been acquired in the first grade? This is a direct result of the teacher’s union’s harboring and protecting the growing ranks of bad teachers in the Chicago school system. As well, students inability to follow the rules, refrain from violence and refrain from acting out is also highlighted as another result of teacher’s unions influence in those schools from which these students have transferred.
    Although it is quite a detour, when traveling, I skirt the state of Illinois just because the corruption is so pervasive, right down to the patrolman who will pull you over and take everything down to the lint in your pockets.

  13. Efren says:

    Yea. Bush was so much smarter.

    1. Judy says:

      Efren think about it for a minute and use some commonsense – Bush’s records are there for everyone to see. Funny how “there’s nothing so see here people, move along” when it’s a Democrat but, when it’s a Republican the AP shreds them apart and makes fun of them like a bully. The liberal media is literally in bed with the far left – they’ll keep on telling you lies until you believe them. Please don’t be lazy and ignorant by doing nothing and instead go search the internet and read about the truths of a lot of the politicians – both Republican and Democrat – they lie like a rug.

  14. Steve says:

    Amazing it took over 6 years for this “news” to come out. What ever happened to vetting candidates during the race? This is too little, too late. So glad the brave faculty of Harvard kept this info to themselves until now.

  15. Valerie says:

    The only people he has fooled is his supporters!!! Impeachment is the only thing that will make it right to WE THE PEOPLE!!!

  16. Robert says:

    Barack Obama has pulled the biggest hoax ever on the American people. He is a liar, lazy, completely lacking in integrity and character and hates us and our country.

  17. Scott says:

    Let’s admit it, Barry Obama was admitted into college and eventually law school under the “Affirmative Action Program” because he was a foreign student or a black man. That means he bumped someone with higher grades, higher LSAT scores and higher academic achievement. I have worked with other minorities who went to law school as “Affirmative Action” students and I can say with 100% certainty that all of them were incompetent lawyers after graduation and after taking the bar. Seldom did they complete their work on time, if at all; and, they were usually grossly unprepared for important legal actions and relied on others to render competent legal advice. In other words, the free and easy ride that they took thru college and law school continued into their professional lives. Unfortunately, minorities who earned their way into college and eventually law school, based on merit, LSAT scores and past grades, are often not taken seriously because there is always the question if they are among the affirmative action incompetents that are coddled thru the educational system. US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has written and spoken about his disdain for affirmative action admissions programs because they taint each minority person who truly earned their way into college and law school, like Thomas, with the question of “Is he/she one of those affirmative action incompetents?”

  18. Roger says:

    No surprise here.His whole history is full of lies. He is without a doubt the number one worst president in our history. A illegal alien, a Muslim terrorist supporter, and American hater.

  19. David says:

    If this is true??? Why won’t the good professor sign his name? Or at least publish the charges, and be prepared to defend it?? Let’s see the attract on 9-11 occurred during his tenure. No that was the bank bail-out! No wait, the US Dollar was the weakest it’s been in over 45years. And finally he took credit for the catching & killing of Bin-Laden. Just in case you’ve NOT noticed, the Stock Market is the HIGHEST in history. Or unemployment numbers are reaching 40 years lows! The Dollar is again the strongest on international markets. And as we are working on ending THE 3 wars that Bush got us involved in. Unlike the wonderful Reagan President Obama did NOT get us the B-1 bomber. (35 years later we’re STILL paying for it! And worst of all. It NEVER WORKED!!!!!) be careful for what you wish for, you just might GET IT!!!!

    1. Jim says:

      “If this is true??? Why won’t the good professor sign his name?” If you have to ask those questions you shouldn’t be allowed near a keyboard. Look what happened to those who ran against Obama for every election he has been involved in up to the time he became president. They have been blackmailed by Obama threatening open divorce records and every dirty trick and slander envisionable. He, Obama, is a democrat for crying out loud. In politics that is the very definition of corruption. And from Illinois. What else do you need?
      As a liberal you know there are only two types of democrats: 1. Those liberals so stupid or lazy they vote for those politicians who promise them things and make them feel good and 2. The politicians who take advantage of the abject stupidity and laziness of the average liberal democrat voter.
      Does that help you out?
      The rest of your comment is little more than one sided rhetoric. But then, if you are a liberal democrat voter, you are probably unaware why those things you profess to know are just that, unsubstantiated rhetoric. You are probably oblivious of the reasons why the official unemployment rate is low. It will look that way when you don’t count the majority of those out of work. And probably uninformed as to why the stock market is as high as it ever has been. You are probably unaware that when you print trillions of dollars and flood the market with them, the price of stocks will rise because those dollars are worth less and less. It has to do with supply and demand, but then I wouldn’t expect you to be familiar with that concept, being a product of the teacher’s union brand of education.
      I could go on rebutting your rhetoric but I think everyone who reads these things knows that there are truths and then there are truths that can be proven true (instead of those you elucidated).

      1. Darryl says:

        You should click your little red shoes and hope that you can get back to Kansas and leave Oz.

  20. Alan says:

    Our affirmative action pResident. Luckily for Barry affirmative action allowed him to graduate from college with barely passing grades. Why else would the records be sealed?

  21. So this recruiting or endowment fundraising piece is a total fabrication?


  22. Mike says:

    6 yrs late!

  23. Joey says:

    I don’t see a single citation, or anything at all to link this article to actual fact. That makes it hearsay, and that, my friends, is not admissible in court. Impeachment? Ha!

  24. Larry A says:

    Upon reading this, everything falls into place. Not certain who sponsored his education but its obvious whoever it was had a grand plan to promote this fraud. They knew he would be the perfect ” Manchurian candidate”. For Barack , this job required no experience other than keeping his mouth shut. It would be interesting to learn who his sponsors ( one or more) were.It could very well be those select few he has placed in his administration. Smooth plan whom ever they are.

  25. Karen says:

    The stupidity rests with the American people for allowing this lazy unqualified phony with NO credentials, NO experience, NO background to even run for office. That he was elected is a condemnation of American voters! Were he not regarded as black (even though he is Muslim) he’d not have been given the time of day as a total incompetent. That he is regarded as black has enabled liberal loons to feel good about themselves for their avant garde position. Stupid? Indeed – but the stupidity rests with voters – and the price to be paid is multi-generational and dire. One now can ponder whether we will ever be rid of this POS – and therein lies the big question, the answer to which remains in doubt but seems to grow more and more clear with each passing day of this jerk’s actions.

  26. Wendi says:

    No surprise here, he’s always been a liar, closed minded, a terrible president and an embarrassment to America. Let the impeachment begin.

  27. Cheryl says:

    He was (supposedly) the President of the Law Review — an elected position — not Editor of the Law Review. The Media made it sound as if he were the Editor because that would mean he was the top student in the class at Harvard Law. Just more double speak and spin from the USAPravda.

  28. Kent says:


  29. Adrian says:

    More proof Obama is a phony through-and-through. We have a Muslim Communist in the White House and he is 1/3rd of our government!

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  30. TJ says:

    Look the joke is on the American public. This guy has always been a fake. He has little to no history which anyone can verify. His social security numbers don’t match the state he was born in. His college applications for student aid are not published, he was editor of a law review where he never published and article, his thesis is unobtainable. He is a fake, a liar, and the biggest fraud played on the American public. You don’t need proof to know nothing adds up.

  31. Patricia says:

    Lazy is correct, he lies is correct, a bad President is correct, Commander in chief is a joke! So Impeachable actions correct!! Americans need to do something fast!!!!