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Chicago Police Officer Pleads “Not Guilty” For Shooting Black Teen 16 Times Caught On Webcam


Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke wants to tell his side of what happened that fateful night where he encountered a teen, Laquand McDonald, who allegedly didn’t listen to his commands and seemed too threatening, and thus had to shoot him 16 times.

On Tuesday, Van Dyke entered a plea of “not guilty,” while his lawyer wanted the media to know his client deserves to have his day in court, so he’s not seen “as this cold-blooded killer,” defense attorney Dan Herbert said after the court hearing.

From the Associated Press:

Van Dyke, 37, faces six counts of first-degree murder and one of official misconduct in the death of 17-year-old McDonald. The officer, wearing a dark suit and blue striped tie, appeared in court Tuesday as his lawyer entered the plea on his behalf.

Public outcry has been furious since a dashcam video was released last month showing the veteran officer shooting McDonald 16 times. The teenager, armed with a knife, was veering away from officers when Van Dyke opened fire.

The footage sparked days of street demonstrations, the forced resignation of Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy and a broad federal civil rights investigation of the Police Department’s practices and how allegations of officer misconduct are handled.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, under pressure from community activists to resign, since the McDonald video was released, was due to return Tuesday afternoon from a family vacation in Cuba.

If the justice system begins to fail us any further you’ll, start to see the same thing like you see in the Arab world. Then you’ll have different groups fighting each other, then you’ll see the collapse of government. Better get a hand on it now before its too late to do anything. We’re no different than any other country in the world.

h/t – Associated Press

What are your thoughts about the officer’s plea? How is this not cold-blooded murder? Do you think the officer will get off free? Share your comments below and let us know what you think.


Comments on “Chicago Police Officer Pleads “Not Guilty” For Shooting Black Teen 16 Times Caught On Webcam”

  1. Raymond says:

    Why is not article mentioning that Officer Van Dyke was responding to a stabbing. Laquan had just stabbed someone and was high on PCP. He would not drop the knife after repeated warnings and was veering toward bystanders.