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Chick-fil-A’s Latest Actions Prove The Left Has Been Lying About Them All Along


Remember when the Left came out in full force against Chick-fil-A in 2012 following comments made by CEO Dan Cathy in support of traditional marriage? Both sides won to some extent; with Chick-fil-A ceasing funding to pro-traditional marriage groups, but benefiting handsomely financially from counter-protestors and the wildly successful “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day.”

Liberals need to remember that opposition to same-sex marriage and homophobia aren’t the same thing, and Chick-fil-A proved this ahead of plans to move into West Hartford. To quote from the Hartford Courant:

As Chick-fil-A moves ahead with plans to open in town, one of the first calls the company made was to openly gay state Sen. Beth Bye to address the controversy surrounding the chain restaurant’s reputation on social issues.

Bye said she appreciates Chick-fil-A representatives reaching out to her before announcing plans to open a restaurant in town.

“They did take an extra step to reach out in a way that is above and beyond what companies normally do,” said Bye, who is married to Town Historian Tracey Wilson. “They are clearly concerned about the gay community and wanting to make sure they are addressing that issue coming into the community.”

If Chick-fil-A was really as homophobic as the Left wants us to believe, why would they bother to reach out to Sen. Bye prior to their expansion plans? This is yet another reminder that anyone’s reputation can be wrongly impaired from the Left rushing to judgement.

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