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A Child Sets Out To Meet An Online Stranger; Wait Until You See These Results – VIDEO

I have two daughters that are twelve years old. I am already possessive of them, but I do give them their freedom. I know how to give and take, but I would be pulling my hair out if they were to have gone through this experiment in real life.

Does your child understand the dangers of connecting with strangers on social media? Today, most kids take it for granted that they can connect with nearly anyone in the world on a smartphone or tablet. To demonstrate the dangers of predators online, Coby Persin teamed up with a few parents to test their kids.

He posed as a fifteen-year-old on Facebook, who wanted to hang out. The parents were mortified when their kids agreed to meet a stranger in person.

I honestly don’t know what I would have done if this was to happen to my daughter. I am glad I teach my girls the right way, and I am very involved in what they do.

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H/T – Coby Persin