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This Child’s TV Appearance Was Going Great… Until the Host Asked Him This!


It’s your first day of school.

You are nervous, scared, anxiously looking around at all the other strange children embarking on the same journey as you.

And then some sickly sweet TV journo thrusts a huge microphone in your face and begins asking you questions.

To be fair to little Andrew Macias, he handles the interview well considering he is only FOUR YEARS OLD! He smiles as reporter Courtney Friel from Los Angeles’ KTLA asks him how he feels.

But then she asks him this, and poor Andrew bursts into tears:

Sorry Courtney, but I don’t think you’ll be winning any Pulitzers for that report! You just made a kid cry on live TV.

What do you think of the questioning? Let us know below!

H/T – Yahoo News



  1. Margaret says:

    The host looks like a bimbo for starters but my heart goes out to this child.

  2. Lori says:

    Im gonna be mean. Mentioning his mom was the stupidest thing she could have done. The first day is hard enough. Anyone with common sense would know better. Poor little guy hope the rest of his day went better.