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CHILLING: Firefighter Releases Instructions Telling Citizens to Start Doing This to Police!

According to My Fox DC, a Fairfax County firefighter by the name of Khalil Abdul-Rasheed posted a message on Facebook that he was tired of viewing video incidents involving police officers and wanted people to take action. He also included a threat about attacking police officers. In his post, he insisted that it’s time citizens started taking the law into their own hands.


Here is the text from Abdul-Rasheed’s disturbing post:

“That’s all I’ve been trying to say…we have start putting them in body bags…stop filming and rally to your fellow citizen. Pull the cops off, lay on the individual, form a circle or throw punches. do something…they can’t massacre a mob. If ur on the hi way pull over and show force. Next time it could be you. Such a waste of life seem like a good kid sigh.”

Apparently, the anti-cop Facebook comment isn’t the only post he’s shared that’s raised concerns. According to IJ Review, he also posted a chilling meme. The eerie meme was created by a Twitter user who is allegedly an ISIS supporter.


The threats have been removed, Facebook and Twitter accounts have been deactivated, but there are screenshots that have been reshared to the “Stop The Cop Haters” blog and reported by local news outlets.

At this point, it is unclear whether or not Abdul-Rasheed is an ISIS supporter, but the disturbing post is questionable. The Fairfax County Police Department is reportedly investigating the incident. It has been reported that the department was made aware of the shocking post on August 4.

What would you do? What are your feelings about this? Leave your thoughts in the comment section and share this on your Twitter/Facebook wall for discussion.



  1. Pami says:

    FF’s should never speak such hate upon any first responder of brotherhood!!! As a volunteer Fire Police, I know our Fire Company look to all first responders as our brothers and sisters!!! We would never want any harm brought upon any one of them!!!

    This guy needs to be investigated!!! He also needs to be relieved of all duties within the Fire Company!!!!

  2. Artem says:

    This man and all of his ties need to be fully investigated “before” something terrible happens. As a firefighter, he is constantly in contact with police officers. Place him on administrative leave without pay and If he is found to be a danger, FIRE HIM!