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Is China Preparing for War? Will Obama Step Up?

Without question, regimes around the world have become emboldened by President Obama’s inability to show anything resembling strength. The latest example of this frightening new phenomenon comes from a threat which has targeted Americans many times before: Chinese hackers. The Washington Examiner reports:

Chinese hackers have penetrated the computer networks of contractors critical to moving U.S. troops and equipment around the world in time of crisis, potentially giving Beijing access to every move the military makes, according to a report released Wednesday by the Senate Armed Services Committee.

The newly declassified report found at least 20 successful intrusions between June 1, 2012, and May 31, 2013, that were attributed to the Chinese government. Among the contractors targeted by the hackers were airlines and shipping companies that would move troops and military cargo in a crisis.

The threat of cyberattack, particularly from China, has worried defense planners for several years now. For example, former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen recently said that cyber security is one thing that keeps him up at night.

These Chinese hackers aren’t alone in waging war on American’s cyber-defenses. Earlier this year Iranian hackers targeted American and Israeli military officials. The Washington Post discussed the three year cyber warfare campaign,

A group of Iranian hackers has waged a creative campaign of cyber-espionage, targeting hundreds of high-ranking U.S. defense, diplomatic and other officials who are lured to fake Web sites through an elaborate social media network that features a bogus online news site, according to a new report.

Since at least 2011, the hackers have targeted current and former senior military officials, including a four-star admiral; current and former foreign policy officials who work on nonproliferation issues; as well as personnel from more than 10 U.S. and Israeli defense contractors.

It’s clear why Iranian hackers were targeting those working on nonproliferation issues. The frightening question is why is China working so hard to determine what the American response would be to a military emergency? What may be even more frightening than that question, though, is how would President Obama react if we were faced with overt military maneuvers by China offline if these online attacks are met with a mere shrug?



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  2. Mike says:

    Why not the weak link will let them have us anyway. We need to reclaim the US us the people or it’s gone.