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After Chipotle’s Nationwide Meltdown, The Company Was Hit With This Unexpected Bombshell!

chipotle cocaine

Maybe THAT’S why Chipotle tastes SO good.

Chipotle’s top marketing executive, Mark Crumpacker, was charged with seven counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance and released on bail.

Chipotle is getting hit with so many different things, I am surprised they are still open. People were getting sick from the food… and now they are the cocaine capital of the world!

Just the other day I wrote story about new changes to bring customers back, but I guess they don’t want new customers.

chipotle cocaine

From Daily Mail:

The Chipotle Chief Marketing Officer arrested in a major New York City drug sting appeared in court on Tuesday.

Mark Crumpacker, 53, asked for cocaine to be delivered 13 times to his $2.5million apartment on West 13th Street near Union Square, and spent $3,000 according to the district attorney.

He was charged with criminal possession in the seventh degree and bail was set at $10,000 or $4,500 cash.

He looked somber as he made his way in to see the judge, dressed in a blue blazer and handcuffed while being led by a police officer.

Crumpacker made just shy of $4.3million in total compensation in 2015 in his role as CMO at the Mexican fast food chain, receiving roughly $45,00 for housing expenses and over $30,000 for a company car.

Judge Edward McLaughlin said to Crumpacker and his lawyer on Tuesday: ‘I don’t want someone who is a purported bigshot to think they should be treated differently.’

What a great use of your tax dollars, New York City. Our drug war is awesome. Keep enriching cops and courts with our hard-earned taxes.

Do you think this is a personal issue and should be handled quietly? Do you think this will hurt Chipotle’s comeback? Share your opinions below in the comment section.