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Chris Christie Makes BOMBSHELL Announcement About Trump Endorsement!

WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 09: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie delivers remarks and answers questions at the Brookings Institution, a non-partisan, public policy think tank, July 9, 2012 in Washington, DC. Christie, whose name has been mentioned among possible GOP vice presidential choices, talked about his self-described "New Jersey Comback," and a fiscal record "...including three balanced budgets, a two-percent hard cap on property taxes and landmark pension and health benefits reform." (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

After Chris Christie formally announced Donald Trump for president this week. the New Jersey governor made it clear he will not resign and will continue to support the GOP frontrunner.

From New Jersey 12:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says he won’t heed calls for his resignation and will continue helping Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Christie held a news conference in Trenton on Thursday to steer the conversation back to his priorities in New Jersey after days of talk about his support of Trump.

Seven New Jersey newspapers have called on Christie to resign. The Star-Ledger said Christie has made it clear that governing the state is a “distant second priority” that comes behind his personal ambition. Six newspapers published by Gannett also called for his resignation.

Christie says he isn’t surprised by the newspapers’ stance because they haven’t supported him in the past.

Christie says he’s focused on the state budget and his 30th wedding anniversary.

Here’s video of Christie’s announcement:

What do you think of Christie refusing to resign and continue his support of Trump? Share your thoughts below!


Comments on “Chris Christie Makes BOMBSHELL Announcement About Trump Endorsement!”

  1. Esilda says:

    I love his determination and not bowing down to GOP establishment. This is the kind of people we need endorsing Trump and standing for what he believes in. Trump2016