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‘American Sniper’ Widow Confronts Obama On Gun Control!


Following his speech Tuesday outlining new executive orders on gun control, President Obama held a townhall at George Mason University to answer questions about gun control and defend his executive actions.

The first question was by none other than Taya Kyle, wife of the late “American Sniper” Chris Kyle.

Taya pointed out that criminals don’t obey gun control laws (which, surprisingly, Obama nodded while she said as much), and also pointed out that homicides in this country are at historic lows while guns per capita are at all time highs.

Watch her questions and Obama’s response below:

Just a bonus point of irony: the university the town-hall was held at is named after George Mason, who once stated that “To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.”

Obama is abusing his power in the Oval Office by issuing executive orders to rob us of our Second Amendment rights.

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