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Christian Carrie Underwood’s NEW MUSIC VIDEO is Making Atheists FURIOUS! (VIDEO)

Unlike many young pop stars, Carrie Underwood is proud to proclaim her belief in the Bible and Jesus Christ. So when she release the new hit song “Something In The Water” and its music video (above), left-wing Atheists across America were repeatedly attacking her for the lyrics and standing up for her faith in the public square.

As you can tell from this music video, Ms. Underwood is not backing down from a fight. She believes in an Almighty God and has written a song that is so beautiful that it could be considered divinely inspired.

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  1. Lon says:

    Beautiful song. If atheist don’t like it don’t listen to it. Why are they so upset by what they don’t believe in? I tolerate atheist right not to believe and say they don’t. How about some tolerance by them because I believe? After death if atheists a right no one will ever know. After death if believers are right everyone will know. It is as simple as that.

  2. Benjamin says:

    I like Carrie and her singing but this song missed the mark totally. The Bible tells us what is required to see heaven, “to them who believe unto His name.” We know that only through belief that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, died for us and arose again and is in heaven can we achieve heaven. What Carrie has done with this song is take our eyes completely off of that truth and has us looking at the water, which can save no one. Sorry Carrie but this is a big miss and the performance does not honor God either.

  3. okbutwhy says:


    Left-wing atheist here. I saw this on Facebook and decided to check out why fellow atheist would be furious at a music video. I listened to the song and watched the video and found it quite beautiful. As an open-minded/tolerant person, I can respect and find beauty in many types of art/artistry. I also find beauty in many different religions. I have been to Jewish, Catholic and Lutheran school in addition to studying about Buddhism and Islam. I respect people of faith as long as they respect others of different faith/belief. I found the article/comment very divisive and frankly not “Christ-like.” We as a human race share this earth and must learn to respect and love one another (as Jesus preaches). I don’t believe pitting people against each other, or using religion to spark conflict is something Jesus would approve of. This is exactly why I fully support the separation of church and state.

    As an atheist, I rely on research, facts, data, and science to make my own conclusion. I was unable to find any so called “left-wing Atheists across America” repeatedly attacking Carrie Underwood for this music video. I found many articles highlighting that this is in fact a hoax and has no factual base. http://www.snopes.com/music/artists/underwood.asp

    -Your Neighbor

  4. Lucius says:

    Being an atheist, and knowing quite a few, I can tell you with all certainty that we really are not furious over Miss. Underwood’s song. Most of the atheists I know don’t even know who she is, although I happen to be a fan.

    This is nothing more or less than manufactured outrage, without an ounce of truth to it.

  5. Sorry, can’t post. The words do not represent the true gospel, with its focus on the water, as if the water saves, which it does not. It is Jesus and his Holy Spirit that changes us through faith in His shed blood. The focus was too much on being artistic and came across way too sensual for me, and at the same time neglected to depict a changed life. A bunch of people we ho look like zombies laying in a circle does not give the glory to the life changing power of Jesus Christ that I believe should have/could have been portrayed. With the way it was promoted I was expecting something more.

  6. Jack says:

    Really proud of her for doing this and stand up for our God!

  7. John says:

    Beautiful song. Powerful. Wonderful performance/recording.