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Christian Contestant Inspires ENTIRE Audience to Break Into Worship

With the media as liberal as it is today, the last place you’d think to see anyone praising God is on a mainstream network. But don’t be fooled – the values of Hollywood aren’t the values of most Americans. On NBC’s The Voice, while those in control of the network likely don’t share the same values, with the help of a few angelic worshipers, the show turned into a worship service on live TV!

Christian Cuevas expressed his faith through his music on the Top 8 semifinal competition on NBC’s “The Voice.”

Cuevas, whose brother lives in Lancaster, sang “To Worship You I Live (Away)” by Israel and New Breed on the TV singing contest.

He told his celebrity coach, Alicia Keys, that the song is a favorite of his new fiancee, whom he met in church.

Watch below:

H/T FaithIt

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