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What This Christian Couple Did to Teens Who Vandalized Their Church Will Astound You


Pastor Nick Ruskin and his wife, Geraldine, recently went to a U.K. court to witness proceedings for two teenagers that went on a crime spree – a crime spree that included theft and vandalism that caused thousands in damages to their church.

When the teenagers went before the judge, the minister and his wife had a few words to say… in support of the teenagers.

Via the Bristol Post:

When Hartcliffe teenagers appeared in court for trashing a local church they were supported – by their victims.

Ben Walsh and Ricky Harris caused thousands of pounds’ damage at St Andrews Church in Peterson Square, Bristol Crown Court heard.

But both lay minister Nick Ruskin and his wife, church warden Geraldine, came to court seeking sentences for the pair which were constructive rather than punitive.

Mr Ruskin, 66, said: “Our faith is worth less than nothing if we can’t reach out to someone and support them.”

The minister and his wife weren’t simply forgiving them naively either, saying they met with the teenagers after the crime and saw that they were “truly remorseful.”

Mrs. Ruskin said, “I don’t just take words into account, I take what people are doing.”

One of the teens “was actually full of remorse and very keen to make amends,” she claimed.

After hearing from the pastor and his wife, the teens were given a sentence that can be avoided altogether if they agree to perform community service and attend self-improvement programs.

The situation that unfolded led one Facebook user to proclaim, “That’s what Christianity is all about.”

What do you think – Is this a good demonstration of Christianity or were the pastor and his wife duped into believing the pair’s sincerity when it came to remorse? Discuss.


Comments on “What This Christian Couple Did to Teens Who Vandalized Their Church Will Astound You”

  1. Joyce says:

    I think the pastor and his wife gave a valid job for these boys to make amends to the church and for themselves.