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Christian Morale in the U.S. Military Is Being Devastated by Obama Policies

Christians are discouraged from joining the United States military because of a “hostile work environment” that doesn’t let them express their beliefs openly, religious freedom advocates say. A few months ago, bibles were removed from US Navy break rooms.

A military devoid of people with a religious moral background, with only a sense of right and wrong given to them by the government, is not only dangerous to its nation, it’s doomed.

Why are military chaplains important?

Military chaplains have long been a source of comfort and inspiration for the men and women of the armed services and their families. It’s a needed strength on a daily basis for many. Christians in the military aren’t forcing their beliefs on others that serve and neither should those that don’t believe in the christian walk.

You do not have to believe God exists if you don’t want to. Many of us do.

Prayer Military Warriors

Isn’t it amazing that the history and tradition of the United States of America can be shredded by a militant and unforgiving politically correct (PC) heckler’s veto now?  The NEW religion of choice is a PC cultish fad. Anyone that does not get on board will be demeaned and destroyed. The last time anyone saw behavior like this was in 1938-1942 Germany.



Isn’t it great that this country allows you to pick and choose what you believe? Or would you rather be forced to abandon what you believe in favor of a government instituted God? I saw a bumper sticker once that says it all: If you don’t believe God exists, you better live your life as if He does.

Where our troops are concerned, they took an oath to defend the Constitution, so this move to eradicate our military of those who took that oath does not bode well. If anyone is monstrous where religion in the military is concerned, it’s this godless Weinstein. The Pentagon should be ignoring him altogether. BTW, I took that oath. And I defend our troops’ RIGHT to uphold their oaths!

H/T: Washington Times




  1. Michael says:

    My is, Where are the “Christian” Chaplains in this issue? What are they, and their Asst. saying about the attacks taking place within the Military, or at least in the Navy/Marines Military Branch? Are, they afraid to speak out, where is their Faith, or is the Chaplaincy in Todays Military just a ploy, and don’t mean nothing, just a plain figure head, so they (the Navy) can say, “We have a RELIGIOUS Branch”? This has all started with this atheist named, “Mikey Weinstein”, who Obama put in place to make sure that the atheist become the only god the Military needs, and those at the top (The Pentagon) have No _____ (Fill in the Blank) to stand up to Obama, and stop being afraid of this man, (he is ONLY a man, not a god), or is this just a Naval Base issue, and Not an over all Issue? I personally feel that if all this anti-Christ issues has taken over America’s Military, and there is no one standing up in the face of this godless action, then shame on you, and shame on me, it appears that the Chaplains must not believe that we have their back, and the only thing we are doing is, writing comments and that is as far as it gets. I thought that things has changed, and has gotten back to normal since Mikey Weinstein started hiss (satan the snake) godless antics, I thought this, because I and many other contacted our Reps. in Congress to protest this anti-Christ antics, and now I hear it is still going on. America, it is time to be that Warrior that Christ want us to be. We need to stand together in Faith, Believing that God can do all things, according to our Faith in Christ Jesus. If we can not stand, faithfully in Christ, then what are we going to do? Just Stand?? America, we need to fight, the Good Fight of Faith. My God CAN do ALL things, My God is NOT a child abuser, He is GOD, He is BIGGER than any Mikey Weinstein, BIGGER than any anti-Christ President, He is BIGGER than any Admiral in the Navy, so let’s fight, meaning, let’s Pray without ceasing as we are commanded to do as warriors in Christ. We are the Victors, Jesus Paid the Price for us, we are not doing what God wants us to do, so let’s get back to the Basics, Let’s Pray, and write all our Congress-Person, (to be politically correct), and put a stop to this NOW.

  2. Adrian says:

    This figures: Obama wants “remake” America, turning it into “The People’s Republic” thereof.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  3. Brenda says:

    Every Christian person that wants to join should join they cannot stop the military from reading their bibles the best thing the military can do is overthrow Obama like they did Ben lauden. We have the sorriest governmemt I have ever seen I cant wait till Hitler Obama ant the rest of his muslim godless pigs are out of office..