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Is This Christmas Prank On Kids Going Too Far? (WATCH)


Late night host Jimmy Kimmel has been sending out a challenge every year for parents to gift their children terrible presents, film it and submit the results on YouTube. The compilation of confused and humiliated kids was a big hit and the submissions to Kimmel’s staff didn’t stop.

Parents kept gifting their children horrible items like a jar of pickles, deodorant, and a used sponge.

You have to feel sorry for some of these kids but looking at their reactions did bring guilty laughter.

Parents kept sending submissions, so Kimmel added another video and this one was even crazier!

What did you think of this video? Is it a funny joke to you or do you think it was too harsh? Share your comments below.


Comments on “Is This Christmas Prank On Kids Going Too Far? (WATCH)”

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