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A Man Wrote A Christmas Letter To The Queen Every Year For 60 Years. Then His Family Received This!



Queen Elizabeth II received a Christmas card from a man every single year between 1952 and his death in 2011 at the age of 102. In trying to keep the tradition alive, the man’s grandson sent a card that following season.

Would the Queen, who probably receives thousands of Christmas cards each year, notice such a kind and consistent gesture?

She did indeed, picking up on the fact that the most recent card came from somebody with a different name, Queen Elizabeth actually took the time to find out what had happened to the man’s grandfather.

A letter from Buckingham Palace read, “When I received a letter from a different Simes this Christmas, I instructed my office to research your grandfather’s whereabouts.”

The Queen continued her personal response, “Therefore it is with much sadness, I have learned of his passing and extend my condolences to you and your family.”

Via the Huffington Post:

It was a faithful ritual that spanned almost 60 years: Every holiday season, Andrew Simes’ grandfather would, without fail, send a Christmas card to Queen Elizabeth II.

It was so steadfast a rite that the Queen herself was said to have noticed the yearly gesture. In a moving Facebook post, Simes told the “magical” story of his grandfather’s annual card and the British monarch’s expression of gratitude.

Simes’ touching Facebook tale can be seen below:

Ever since Grandpa could remember, he made sure to send a Christmas card to his king/queen. So naturally, since 1952,…

Posted by Andrew Simes on Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Check out a news report on the Christmas card story below …

How exciting must it have been to receive a letter from Queen Elizabeth II herself?

Simes’ Christmas will be extra special this year, knowing that his grandfather’s simple, kind gesture made an impact on the Queen of England.

Comment: What do you think of the Queen’s personalized response to one of her subjects? Share your thoughts below.


Comments on “A Man Wrote A Christmas Letter To The Queen Every Year For 60 Years. Then His Family Received This!”

  1. Frank says:

    This is an example of what a leader does. God Bless the Queen