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Chuck Norris Just Announced His Pick For President!


Ted Cruz may have just earned himself a very coveted supporter for his campaign – American actor and bada**, Chuck Norris.

Then again, according to Chuck Norris Facts: “Chuck Norris doesn’t vote for presidents, he chooses from a list of applicants who want to be his assistant.”

It would appear then, that Cruz has applied to be his assistant.

At a rally being held at Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina on Sunday, Norris is set to speak to a group of supporters urging them to “choose Cruz.”

Norris is arguably one of the most active conservative actors in Hollywood, having previously endorsed Mike Huckabee.

Weasel Zippers writes, “Ted Cruz may have locked it up with this person campaigning for him.”

Check out this report on Chuck Norris’ endorsement of Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel’s election for Prime Minister, something that had been described as a “roundhouse kick to Israel’s ballot box.”

Now he’s delivering a big boost to Ted Cruz and a roundhouse kick to the rest of the Republicans.

Comment: What do you think of Chuck Norris campaigning for Ted Cruz? Will it help his campaign? Tell us your favorite story or ‘fact’ about Chuck Norris in the comments section below.

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