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Church Receives 18 Cent Donation – And It Touched Everyone’s Heart


A church in Charlotte, North Carolina, received a donation this past weekend to help homeless individuals in the neighborhood, much as they do every weekend from numerous visitors.

This particular donation stood out for obvious reasons. It consisted of a dime, a nickel, and three pennies – 18 cents.

The gift for the church was placed inside an envelope that read “Please don’t be mad.”

Why exactly should the church not be mad? The note continues – “I don’t have much. I’m homeless.”

The incredible act of generosity just might have been everything that this particular man or woman had in their possession – and they gave it to others.

Via CNN:

Far from being mad, church leaders were touched by the gesture. They don’t know who left it, but they believe it came from one of the “homeless neighbors” who attended the service after a free breakfast.

Every Sunday before the service, church volunteers serve breakfast to about 150 homeless neighbors, said Patrick S. Hamrick, pastor of finance and administration at the church. Afterward, some stay for one of the church’s two Sunday services. Members of the finance committee first saw it when they went to collect the offerings after the service.

“When I saw the note, I just wanted to assure the giver that every gift and every giver is important. I felt deep gratitude because it is likely that this individual reached into his or her pocket and gave everything,” Hamrick said.

Watch the local news report below…

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The donation will be put to good use according to church leaders, used to support the weekly coffee and breakfast for its homeless neighbors this upcoming Sunday. Demonstrating that every gift is appreciated and important, regardless of amount.

What did you think of this homeless persons gift to those perhaps even more in need?