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The Citadel Did America Proud By Denying A Muslim Student THIS!


Thank you, Citadel.

Finally some sanity for once in dealing with this crazy religious nonsense.

The Citadel, one of the country’s oldest military schools, denied an incoming Muslim student’s request to wear a hijab, saying it would interfere with its tradition of cadets’ “relinquishing of self.”

When I joined the military I had to conform to their standards, and there was no political correctness or “I can’t do that because of this” coming from my mouth. When you sign a contract to join the US Military, you subject your life, your standards to their rules and procedures. There’s hundreds of pages of paper you have to sign to make sure you are clear and understand the rules.

I am sure this young student knew this going in but the way things are today and the political correctness climate, you never know.

From Breitbart:

“The standardization of cadets in apparel, overall appearance, actions and privileges is essential to the learning goals and objectives of the college,” said Citadel president Lt. Gen. John Rosa, as reported by Fox Carolina.

“Cadet religious officers arrange transportation to churches, mosques, synagogues and other places of worship for those without cars,” he said. “Accommodations for prayer and dietary needs are common at the college.”

As Breitbart News had previously reported, Cadet Nick Pinelli, who recently graduated from the Citadel, posted his concerns to Facebook about the news that school officials were considering the Muslim student’s request.

“This girl should be welcomed to the Corps with open arms, as should any person of any religion, race, gender, or identity,” he wrote. “That’s equality. It’s not equality to let one of those groups follow a different set of rules…”

“Equality means the same set of rules for everyone. Not different rules for different people,” he continued. “It means accepting everyone, and giving them the same tools to succeed as the rest. The inwardly self-contradictory arguments of the Left disagree with this mindset and I truly believe that if those arguments continue to prevail, this country will no longer be what it once was…”

The more I think about it, the more I feel this applicant should be denied acceptance at the Citadel; she has already demonstrated the wrong attitude.

While the Citadel can consider revising this rule, at present it is still a rule. The student was well aware of it before attending. Following the rules is an inescapable aspect of a military school and choices need to be made by someone who wants to be part of the Citadel lifestyle.

What do you think of this student looking to force the Citadel to change its rules? Share your opinion below and let us know what you think in our comment section (below).