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Civil War Buffs Are Overjoyed at This 150 Year Old Discovery! You Won’t Believe These!


It may have been fought many years ago, but thousands of Americans continue to be passionate about the Civil War.

And now a discovery in South Carolina will stoke their passion a little more.


Previously thought to be lost, the cannons that once menaced Union ships on board the CSS Pee Dee have been found at the bottom of the Great Pee Dee River near Florence.

The CSS Pee Dee was a Confederate gunboat which guarded the Mars Bluff Navy Yard during the war. It had three enormous cannons onboard, but once it was clear that the Pee Dee was about to be captured, her captain ordered the weapons thrown overboard so that the enemy could not use them.

The story has amazed and excited Civil War fans for decades, and now it has a new ending: the cannons have been discovered and as the photos demonstrate, they’ve been pulled from the water amid the cheering of local crowds.


No word yet on where these cannons will end up, but they will certainly form part of the treasure trove of artifacts which amateur and professional historians enjoy.

What do you think of the discovery? Let us know below.

H/T: ABC 15 News