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These Classic Gun Ads Will Make Modern Gun-Grabbers Furious!

Ad for the Remington Model 12 Pump Action Rifle from 1909. Big Green has always played up the family angle.

Leftist’s hate guns. There’s nothing that’s more of a threat to their agenda than a free-thinking, gun-toting citizen. As such, they’ve tried to make guns so taboo that merely owning one is considered terrible and expensive.

Allow us to take you to a different time when gun ownership was encouraged and affordable. Check out these classic ads!

Via guns.com:

But the company sold guns aimed at the new automobile market in the 1900s as well, preventing early carjackings for the EDC gent of the Jazz era

And even overseas sales, as shown in the British ad from the 1900s showing off the Colt's "Rapididity" good luck buying a semi-auto handgun in England today


Which one was your favorite?

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